‘On Wings of Light’ CS1RD02

music for piano solo, for viola, cello, oboe

Performed by Patricia Siffert, Rosemary Curtis and Michael Nyman musicians: Catherine Musker and Tony Hinnigan,

1 In the presence (piano)
Reverie (viola & piano)
Atma’s Flight (cello & piano)
4 Adagio (oboe & piano)
Awakenings (piano prelude no.1)
On Wings of Light (piano prelude no.2)
Entrance (piano prelude no.3)
In the Master’s Love (piano)

Price £12 (inc. p&p)

Contemporary spiritual classical music on CD:The music of Rosemary Duxbury

Mirrors of Light

On Wings of Light


Mirrors of Light" CS3RD03

music for piano solo

Performed by Patricia Siffert


A thread so fine


Without words, without silence


Mirrors of light 1 1st movement

Mirrors of light 1 2nd movement

Mirrors of light 1 3rd movement

Mirrors of light 2



Prayer (see youtube video of rehearsal)

Price £12 (inc. p&p)

‘Streams’ CS2RD01

music for string orchestra & harp;
piano solo

Performed by Sinfonica Aosta (conductor Emmmanuel Siffert) and Patricia Siffert (piano)

Light Falling (string orchestra & harp)
2 - 4
Passage (piano sonata)
Apres (piano)
6 -9
Streams I - IV (piano)
Always (piano)

Price £12.99 (inc. p&p)

Rosemary's music has that combination of artistic integrity and accessibility to a wide audience that eludes most contemporary composers"

Stephen Gamble, classical music critic, Leicester Mercury.

"Your new album is stunning"
G.C., Kent, England

"Thanks so much for your lovely CD. It is magnificent! I was particularly impressed with the first track with the strings. Beautiful!"
A.S., Tennessee, USA

“Absolutely lovely. Your music brings me a deep inner peace.”
C.A. Florida, USA

Mirrors of Light is an elixir for the soul.  The musical texture and form have such fluidity,filling one's being it seems with liquid light.  This is an astonishing composition by composer Rosemary Duxbury.  It is a profound work.  Played beautifully by Swiss pianist Patricia Siffert whose sensitivity with musical intervals brought to the performance a delicacy and power which perfectly reflected the vision of the composer.

Marion Fawlk poet & photographer

For me this latest CD breaks new ground. It feels like you are clothing in sound, levels of consciousness, light radiances beyond what I know. And I feel there’s far more depth of feeling in these new pieces. They move me profoundly. Thank you.

Lucy Lidell

Myriads of notes like diamonds coming forth from the piano

Stella Tinley

I love the profoundly optimistic charge that runs through your music, one feels better for having listened to it.
E.M. Artist & Open University Lecturer

Music for the soul’s inner journey home

Andy West

The music combined an ethereal quality with enormous breadth, so that the effect was of a potent lightness, calling to my mind at least a sense of mystic journey and resolution.
Jane Pearson writing for 'Women in Music Now

'"A deliciously peaceful album."
Sally Peterson of Classic FM/Positive News

"Beautifully crafted debut CD. This was a delight to review;
the clarity and sound of the instruments made it essential listening."

Michael Madden, Kindred Spirit Magazine

"Rosemary Duxbury has the gift of melody
and this album of her compositions is lucid and well- crafted."

Brian Lee, Caduceus magazine

“Rosemary Duxbury is an extremely talented composer..... an outstanding example of classical music at its finest.”
YOGA Magazine



THREAD OF GOLD (CD)                            

Poetry of Jay Ramsay

Music of Rosemary Duxbury   

This unique and innovative collaboration brings together the talents of a recognised composer and poet, blending contemporary classical music with a poetry of heightened awareness and vision.

Featuring rare recordings of Jay reading his own poetry, alongside Rosemary’s music performed by herself and internationally recognised musicians.