Why Do I Compose?

I am a British composer writing in the classical music tradition in a style sometimes referred to as sacred minimalism. My music also has much lyrical and romantic melody. I have written compositions for orchestra, chamber groups, voice, choir, and mainly for piano. My music is recorded on three CDs: ”Mirrors of Light”, “On Wings of Light” and “Streams” all recorded on the Charasound label and available on CDbaby and from this site.

So why do I compose classical music?

The answer is partly expressed in two of my favourite quotes:

“Once an artist creates a true structure, then divine love can
pour into it and make it a thing of great beauty”

(Harold Klemp) 

“Music is an outburst of the soul”
(Frederick Delius)

For me, composing is an honoring of the creative spirit, an awakening and expression of an inner landscape of understanding.

I have always had classical music and sound in my life, but my composing started to flourish through spiritual exploration and discovering a wellspring of creativity can be sourced from within. The more I have learnt who I truly am, the more I can access an inner place from which to write.

My initial source of inspiration is from this place within. It is a place where streams of ‘inner sound’ and ‘inner light’ can be accessed. Through the process of writing, these ‘streams’ manifest as ‘journeys within the Eternal’ reflected by melody set against mantras of one note or group of notes, or the  hum of a harmonic. I have written a series of piano pieces entitled “Streams”.

Music has the power to say things we often can’t articulate in words but can connect us to a knowingness; gives us the space to do that and explore even deeper into consciousness. I notice that the themes that occur in my music are often paradoxical.  For example: ‘silence and sound’, or ‘movement and stillness’, but in the place where I am taken to, these paradoxes sit happily side by side. I find music is the best way of expressing this transcendent understanding. Communication can happen on another level. One such piece that aims to bring this about is my piano piece “Without words, without silence”.

The more I compose, the more I find myself observing what is being written and the more the compositions are revealing inner truths to me, inner landscapes of understandings beyond words, and awakening me to higher realities. My first piano prelude is called “Awakenings” and a more recent composition is a piano piece, “Mirrors of Light”.  My wish is that the composition becomes a structure that can then be a vehicle for the listener to go to their own place within, in order to travel to and perceive places of beauty and truths in one’s own consciousness, and thus be uplifted and inspired by the experience.

If the music inspires or uplifts the listener, and can enable them to discover that place or source within themselves, then I am delighted and feel the music has been successful. One of the loveliest things that I hear quite regularly from people who have heard my music is that they went on a journey through the music. People experience being 'transported' out of the concert hall, often getting visual experiences. I am interested in dreams, in soul and its nature, and it may be that the music helps people to access that different state where they are able to experience freedom and gain insights away from physical constraints. Examples of ‘journey’ pieces I have written are “Atma’s Flight” (cello and piano), “On Wings of Light” (piano solo) and “Passage” (piano sonata).

If the experience helps an individual contact divine love within their own being, then the music has fulfilled its highest purpose.

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