1. -Angel Whisper

  2. -Kabir Says...

  3. -Dream Horse

  4. -The Pure One

  5. -Magnificat  

  6. -Nunc Dimittus


  1. -Touch of Love (orchestra & solo violin) NEW

  2. -Touch of Love (french horn, oboe and strings) NEW

  3. - Light Falling (string orchestra & harp)

  4. - In the Master’s Love (chamber orchestra & piano)

  5. -Canticle to the Sun (tenor and symphony orchestra)

  6. -Aurora (string orchestra)

  7. -Aurora (string orchestra)

  8. -Inner Journey (full orchestra)

  9. -Quest of the Nightingale (soprano & orchestra)


  1. -Light (NEW)

  2. -Glimpse (NEW)

  3. -The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you (NEW)

  4. -Zephyria  NEW

  5. -The door opens inwards...  (NEW)

  6. -Wiithout words, without silence

  7. -Awakenings

  8. -On Wings of Light

  9. -Entrance

  10. -Passage - piano sonata

  11. -Release - piano solo

  12. -Streams I - IV

  13. -Mirrors of Light 1 

  14. -Mirrors of Light 2 

  15. -In the Presence- short piano solo

  16. -In the Master’s Love - short piano solo

  17. -Après

  18. -Always

  19. -A Thread so Fine

  20. -Acceptance

  21. -Prayer    
    see VIDEO of performance

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  1. -The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you (NEW)

  2. - Kabir Says...

  3. -‘Songs of the Mysterious’

  4. -Quest of the Nightingale

  5. -The Dawn Princess

  6. -I, John

  7. -Sea of Glass

  8. -Mother Song

  9. -Sweet Dove

  10. -Adam’s Song

  11. -Delighting in Rainbows

  12. -Neptune’s Song (solo voice, flute, small choir, piano)

  13. -Nightingale

  14. -Nunc Dimittis (voice & piano)

  15. -Songs some with piano, flute, cello combinations

  16. -Songs for voice, flute and piano

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  1. -Reverie (for viola and piano)

  2. -Reverie (for clarinet and piano)

  3. -Atma’s Flight (for cello and piano)

  4. -Adagio (for oboe and piano)

  5. -Three Dances (string quintet inc Double Bass)

  6. -In the Master’s Love for piano and strings

  7. -In the Master’s Love for piano and 2 violins NEW!

  8. -Nightingale (for cello and piano)

  9. -Always (flute and piano)

  10. -Always (cello and piano)

  11. -Always (violin and piano)

  12. -Da Luna. (Trio for Viola, Flute & Harp)

  13. -Midnight (saxophone and piano)

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  1. -recordings

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Latest publication:

Delighted to announce the sheet music for the piano piece, “Release”, is recently published by Charasound and available for sale.

The sheet music for the short piano piece, “Prayer”, published by Charasound:

available on iTunes etc

ntrance piano solo

Thank you for letting me hear your beautiful and pure piano prelude
Jonathan Harvey, composer

“'Entrance' is such a beautiful piece - at times calm, then dynamic, secretive, expectant, uplifting. It's so descriptive - emotional and spiritual. It's wonderful.”
Annette Horn, photographer

LISTEN  | available on iTunes etc| READ MORE

In the Master’s Love
piano solo

LISTEN | available on iTunes etc| READ MORE

Atma’s Flig
cello and piano

“the ‘haunting’ Atma’s

Flight ...particularly memorable.”

John France, Music Web International

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