looking for contemporary English songs? some with unusual instrumental combinations?

songs for voice, flute and piano

songs for voice, flute, harp

songs for voice, flute, cello and piano

settings of contemporary sacred poetry in a classical style - some with piano, harp, flute, cello

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Kabir says... 
Soprano and piano
WORLD PREMIERE: ”Kabir says...” is a setting of a Kabir poem translated by American writer Bob Hays. It is receiving two premieres in February 2016, to be given by world class soprano Katerina Mina and pianist Andrea Benecke, in a concert entitled "A Celebration of Music by Female Composers” 

Thursday, February 25th 7.30 pm - World Premiere
 St Sepulchre’s Church (The Musicians Church)
Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2DQ
Tickets can be purchased at £15 each via Eventbrite or at the door.

Friday, February 26th 7.30 pm - German Premiere
Steinway-Haus, Munich

It has recently been recorded  in the Berlin State Opera house rooms by mezzo soprano Bhawani Moennsad (photo left) and pianist Symeon Ioannidis.


Songs of the Mysterious
Soprano, flute, harp & gong
"Speak of what you know
Speak of what you know well
Speak of what you have touched, tasted and smelt..."
- Jay Ramsay -
Songs of the Mysterious is a setting of 2 poems by Jay Ramsay published in ‘Transmissions’ (Stride 1989). The songs can be performed with either harp or piano along with flute and optional gong (tam-tam). The songs were premiered by Julie Moffat (soprano), Emily Barter (harp), David Calow (flute) and Tim Neal (gong), at Leicester Cathedral, England.  The piano version was premiered by Julie Moffat with Marlene Fleet (piano), and Alison Wright (flute), at the University of Leicester in 1991. They also recorded it for the album "Thread of Gold". 
Left: Jenny Saunders (soprano), Clare-Louise Appelby (flute), Julian Hellaby piano and Robert Ramskill (tam-tam) gave a performance of “Songs of the Mysterious” as part of “Romance, Legend & Song” a concert given by the Central Composers’ Alliance on Saturday 28th February, 2009 at Coventry University, England.
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read more about settings of Jay Ramsay’s poems to music
Delighting in Rainbows
Soprano, flute, cello, piano
"...The voice that has shaped me
wakens me with light
and I am glad to be small,
a particle of this,
where my face is JOY
coloured with infinitude..."
- Marion Fawlk -

Delighting in Rainbows in a setting of a poem by Marion Fawlk and received its UK premiere at the University of Leicester (performed by Julie Moffat - soprano, Marlene Fleet - piano, Sharon Kinder -cello, Alison Wright - flute) and its London premiere at St Martin-in-the-Fields church, Trafalgar Square (performed by Nicola Jane Kemp- soprano, David Wickham - piano, Shirley Smart - cello, Alison Hayhurst -flute.)
LISTEN: Delighting in Rainbows 
for soprano, cello, flute and piano
Nicola Jane Kemp (soprano) 
David Wickham (piano)
Shirley Smart (cello)
Alison Hayhurst (flute
I, John
Alto, piano
“I, John
And my eyes are sand
I, John
And the sun burns through me
I come for the living water....”

- Jay Ramsay -
I, John is recorded by Chloe Goodchild on ‘Thread of Gold’. It was premiered by Rosemary Duxbury at the Lynton Festival, Devon. It would suit either male or female voice. 
The Dawn Princess
Soprano, flute, harp/or piano
“From the mysterious inky night
appeared a maiden fair...”
- Kay Gilbert -
The Dawn Princess is a setting of a poem by the composer’s mother, Kay Gilbert. Kay wrote this at the age of 13 when she was living in the Green Lane area of Coventry in the 1930s. This piece can be performed with either harp or piano. The harp version was premiered in Stoneygate, Leicester in 1991, and the piano version received its premiere in Coventry on 28th February 2009.
Kay Gilbert (Kathleen Hind) grew up in Beanfield Avenue in the Green Lane area of Coventry in the 1930s. She wrote poetry from a young age and ‘The Dawn Princess’ was written at the age of 13 in 1934. Kay attended Barrs Hill School and it was in the school magazine where her poem was first published. Kay has a strong connection with Coventry having lived through the Blitz in the 1940s and started married life there, so it is especially poignant that the song was premiered in her home city.
Rosemary Duxbury says,“I was so struck by the beauty of this poem and the fact it was written at such a young age, that I knew it deserved to be made into a song. I am especially delighted that its first performance in this arrangement is in Coventry, my mother’s home town and where the poem was written.”

Pianist Julian Hellaby accompanied soprano Jenny Saunders and flautist Claire-Louise Appleby to give the premiere of the song with piano as part of a concert of new music for soprano, flute & piano entitled ‘Romance, Legend & Song’ - at The Ellen Terry Building, Coventry University on Saturday 28th February 2009. 

Other songs:

Quest of the Nightingale
Soprano, flute, viola/or cello, piano
a 3 -song ‘song cycle’ using words from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Soprano, flute, piano

Mother Song
Soprano, cello, piano
a setting of poem by Jay Ramsay

Sea of Glass
Soprano, piano
a setting of poem by Diana Durham

Adam's Song
Alto, piano
a setting of poem by Jay Ramsay

Sweet Dove
Tenor (or Soprano), piano
a setting of poem by John Keats

Neptune's Song
Mezzo Soprano,flute, piano, optional small choir

Nunc Dimittis
solo voice and keyboard (piano or organ)

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Songs of the Mysterious
for soprano, flute and harp

Julie Moffat (soprano),
Emily Barter (harp),
David Calow (flute)

The Dawn Princess
for soprano, flute and piano

Jenny Saunders (soprano), Julian Hellaby (piano), Claire-Louise Appleby (flute)