for piano solo
by Rosemary Duxbury

Thank you for letting me hear your beautiful and pure piano prelude
Jonathan Harvey, composer

“'Entrance' is such a beautiful piece - at times calm, then dynamic, secretive, expectant, uplifting. It's so descriptive - emotional and spiritual. It's wonderful.”
Annette Horn, photographer

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“Entrance” is a 12 minute piano solo composed by Rosemary Duxbury in 1995 and it is dedicated to Swiss pianist, Patricia Siffert who premiered it at the Fraser Noble Hall, University of Leicester in 1998. Patricia has also recorded on the album “On Wings of Light” (Charasound). The sheet music will is also published by Charasound.

Also titled Prelude no.3, it can be played alone or as part of a set of preludes and which is how it was presented for its premiere.

“Entrance” inspires visual imagery and has been used in film and theatre. The British photographer Annette Horn used “Entrance” to make a photographic film called ‘Heartsong’ which was presented in Nuremberg in 2009. 

Swiss photographer and director Benoit Renevey chose “Entrance” for his photographic film 'Au fil de l'eau' which was presented at the Centre Pro Natura de Champ-Pittet, on the edge of the Neuchatel Lake, Switzerland.
Theatre director Roelof Overmeer has used it in his work in Lausanne, Switzerland.

In 2011 it was performed by Patricia Siffert at the renowned Reitstadl Kulturhaus in Neumarkt Germany, and presented with photographic image by Annette Horn and with ballet interpretation by German dancer Oliver Essigmann,

In June 2012, “Entrance” was presented in concert at the University of Leicester and Gloucester Cathedral, England.

“These imaginative pieces entitled Awakenings, On Wings of Light, and Entrance were being played together for the first time. They bear a strong family resemblance with characteristically shifting harmonies and  hypnotic ostinatos. Debussy, Liszt and just occasionally Brahms were called to mind, yet there is an individual and appealing voice in this evocative music. Each prelude is a substantial work quite capable of standing alone. Patricia Siffert to whom the preludes are dedicated gave a sensitive and understanding performance.”
Neil Crutchley, music critic, Leicester Mercury

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