(String Orchestra & Harp)
by Rosemary Duxbury

Talking about her work, Rosemary says,“As a composer, my initial source of inspiration is from within, a place where I feel the life-force, which can be experienced as streams of light and sound, can be accessed. Hence the CD title ‘Streams’ and the title of the orchestral piece,'Light Falling'. If the music inspires or uplifts the listener, and can enable them to discover that place or source within themselves, then I am delighted and feel the music has been successful. One of the loveliest things that I hear quite regularly from people who have heard my music is that they went on a journey through the music. People experience being 'transported' out of the concert hall, often getting visual experiences. I am interested in dreams, in soul and its nature, and it may be that the music helps people to access that different state where they are able to experience freedom and gain insights away from physical constraints.

Rosemary wrote 'Light Falling' after composer Geoffrey Burgon suggested to her that she write a companion work to an earlier string piece. Rosemary says, "I compared the inspiration of an inner experience of light 'falling' to that of snow falling lightly like soft downy feathers forming a new brighter landscape of light which was happening outside my window as I wrote the piece" .

'Light Falling' was composed in 1992 and premiered in 1993 by the Helix Ensemble (conducted by Jonathan Grieves-Smith) at Loughborough Town Hall, England. Rosemary has also conducted this piece with the Helix Ensemble at the Fraser Noble Hall, University of Leicester.

In 2006 'Light Falling' was recorded by the Italian orchestra Sinfonica Aosta conducted by Emmanuel Siffert. (Leader/solo violin: Stefano Variagnelli, solo violin: Andrea Bettarini, solo viola: Christina Porebska, solo cello: Guideppe di Stefano.) It was recorded by Renato Campajola and Mario Bertolo in Italy for the CD 'Streams' on the Charasound label. Marvin Rosen gave it its first radio broadcast on 'Classic Discoveries' of WPRB Radio in America.

“We may be in the post-modern era, which can throw up almost any style, but labels would not have concerned the large audience hearing Rosemary Duxbury's Two Pieces for the Dawn, given by the Helix Ensemble.  I can well believe Aurora came to her in a dream: it is music truly heard. With its companion Light Falling one could imagine it on a CD of popular English music, perhaps alongside the Delius that opened the evening.  If Aurora reminded me of both Copland and Pachelbel’s Canon, and Light Falling lingered a little too long, it hardly mattered. Beautiful and touching both, they were most sensitively played under Jonathan Grieves-Smith's direction.”  Tony Foord, Loughborough Echo

“Your music Rosemary is so, so beautiful.  Tears come to my eyes every time I hear ‘Light Falling’ “.

Marvin Rosen, concert pianist and radio show host


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A recording of 'Light Falling' is on the Charasound Record Label

Emmanuel Siffert (conductor) recorded 'Light Falling' with Italian orchestra Sinfonica Aosta. Emmanuel is currently Principal Conductor at the San Juan Symphony Orchestra in Argentina, he has been Principal Conductor of the European Chamber Opera, London; Swiss Chamber Orchestra, Aosta Symphony Orchestra, Italy and the National Symphony Orchestra of Ecuador and is appointed as Principal Guest conductor, starting in 2012, for the Wales Concert Orchestra, as well regularly conducting ballets at the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires.

Sinfonica Aosta

“Beautiful and touching” 

Tony Foord, Loughborough Echo

“Your music Rosemary is so, so beautiful.  Tears come to my eyes every time I hear ‘Light Falling’ “.

Marvin Rosen, concert pianist and radio show host