Mirrors of Light

for piano solo
by Rosemary Duxbury

Piano compositions by British composer Rosemary Duxbury. “Mirrors of Light 1” and “Mirrors of Light 2” are featured on the new CD of the same name. A concert of this new music is available to book via Charasound. Please email music@charasound.com for more details. Here is an extract of a concert that took place at Gloucester Cathedral, England:

“Mirrors of Light 1”

Rosemary writes, “In recent years of writing, I knew I had opened up to a greater exploration of my own consciousness. It’s an ongoing journey and this time it felt I was traveling through ‘space’ showing me new areas waiting to be explored. Following this, Mirrors of light began to emerge. As is usual with my work, I perceive light informing the structure. I could sense mirrors involved as if light was being projected into space so that I could see something beyond.”

Mirrors of light 1  is a piano sonata with 3 movements, played continuously.

“Mirrors of Light 2”

This single movement work is a companion piece to Mirrors of light 1, and draws on the same inspiration. Its World Premiere was given by Patricia Siffert in 2011 at the Reitstadl Kulturhaus in Neumarkt, Germany, as part of an exciting new artistic collaboration between artists of three nations: Patricia performed alongside projection of Annette Horn’s photographic images and a newly choreographed dance by German ballet dancer Oliver Essigmann.

The Wo
rld Premiere of “Mirrors of Light 1” and British Premiere of “Mirrors of Light 2” took place on Friday 22nd June 2012, at the Fraser Noble Hall, Leicester, UK, followed by a repeat performance in the Chapter House, Gloucester Cathedral on Saturday 23rd June 2012.

photo: Patricia and Rosemary at Gloucester Cathedral

The world premiere of “Mirrors of Light 2” was performed on October 15th at the Reitstadl Kulturhaus, Neumarkt, Germany.

This World Premiere of new British piano music took place
as part of an exciting new artistic collaboration between artists of three nations

Patricia Siffert ga
ve a concert of Rosemary Duxbury’s piano music, including the world premiere of “Mirrors of Light 2”, presented as part of a  new live multi-media experience of music, dance an
d photography. The event took place at the renowned Reitstadl Concert Hall, in Neumarkt in Germany on Saturday October 15th, 2011.

This exciting new v
enture was a collaboration between four artists from three nations - Oliver Essigmann,dancer from Germany `(right), Annette Horn, photo-artist from Germany, Patricia Siffert, pianist from Switzerland  and Rosemary from the UK. 

The production, “Mirrors of Light” aimed to take the audience on a soul journey into another dimension through sound, light and artistic exploration and was performed to a concert hall packed to overflowing, with a second performance given later the same evening.

As well as the premiere, Patricia Siffert also performed other piano music by Rosemary Duxbury: “In the Presence“, “Streams 3“ and “Entrance“.

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This multi-media event is available for booking. Please email music@charasound.com

For more information about the music, copies of the score or to be one of the first to receive a recording of this music please email music@rosemaryduxbury.com

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