Inspiration from my trip to Deià, Mallorca
.....and my music at La Residencia Hotel.

My initial source of inspiration is always from within: a place where 'streams' of  'inner sound' and 'inner light' can be accessed. A place which may be experienced as the still small voice within. Through the process of writing, these 'streams' manifest as 'journeys within the ‘Eternal' reflected by melody set against mantras of one note or group of notes, or the hum of the harmonic. The more I compose, the more I find myself observing what is being written and the more the compositions are revealing to me the nature of these streams of sound, streams of light, and streams of consciousness.

Sometimes I find outer places that reflect the vibration of the inner landscapes from where I draw my inspiration. One such place is the mountain village of Deia in Mallorca, where the Tramuntana mountains sweep down to the azure Mediterranean sea. The air is rich with the delicate scents of jasmine, lavender, pine and rosemary, trees are fertile with oranges and  lemons, and the valley is resonant with birdsong and the chimings of church bells.

I find a majestic stillness here that quietly reveals a 'presence' of silent communion. It is this aspect of silence that fascinates me and something I've come to know further through inner contemplation. It is this paradox of 'silence within sound' and 'sound within silence' that I am exploring in my music, and my latest piano piece is an example of this. 'Without words, without silence' has the intention of being a piece of music that can take the listener to an inner understanding where one can discover that which is beyond words, beyond even the silence, to be touched by a deeper language - that of the heart - where one can find one's own truth.

I visited Deià several times during the making of my album “Streams” and the cover of the CD is of the sunset over the Mediterranean here.
The temple at Son Marroig along the coast provides another dream landscape for me and its image is also used in the CD’s booklet.

During my most recent visit, La Residencia Hotel kindly invited me to play on their Steinway piano which belonged to the composer Albeniz. It was an honour  to play this historic piano in such an inspiring and serene setting, and I was delighted to bring my music to a place I feel so connected to.

I am pleased to announce that the CD Streams is now available from La Residencia’s shop. ”


“Rosemary Duxbury is an extremely talented composer.....
an outstanding example of classical music at its finest.

YOGA Magazine

“It was marvelous hearing your music - it washed our cells clean”
Gabriel Bradford Millar, writer and poet