’On Wings of Light’
music for piano, viola, cello and oboe

Patricia Siffert (piano) as soloist, and accompanist to Catherine Musker (viola), Tony Hinnigan (cello) - both members of the Michael Nyman band -
and Rosemary Curtis (oboe)

1 In the presence (piano) 2.31
Reverie (viola & piano) 9.02
Atma’s Flight (cello & piano) 13.54
4 Adagio (oboe & piano) 6.04
Awakenings (piano prelude no.1) 10.12
On Wings of Light (piano prelude no.2) 11.17
Entrance (piano prelude no.3) 12.10
In the Master’s Love (piano) 2.42

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The full versions of the above tracks are also available
for download on iTunes


"A deliciously peaceful album."
Sally Peterson of Classic FM/Positive News

"Beautifully crafted debut CD. This was a delight to review; the clarity and sound of the instruments made it essential listening."
Michael Madden, Kindred Spirit Magazine

"Rosemary Duxbury has the gift of melody
and this album of her compositions is lucid and well- crafted."
Brian Lee, Caduceus magazine

“Rosemary Duxbury is an extremely talented composer..... an outstanding example of classical music at its finest.”
YOGA Magazine

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painting by Frances Marsh