for piano solo
by Rosemary Duxbury

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“Release”  (piano solo)
inspired by a poem by Sarah Fawcett

I have found working with poetry to be  a fascinating process, discovering a source beyond the words from which the music can be ‘found'. Not all poems lend themselves to music, but sometimes I read a poem and a thread or sound presents itself to me, and often not at the beginning of the poem, but at what I'd call the 'heart' of the poem. To me the process is rather like an archeological 'dig'. The music seems to lie behind the words, but I have to 'uncover' or 'discover' the sound that's already there.

I was given a poem, called 'Release' written by English storyteller and musician Sarah Fawcett, with the request to set it to music. I expected to follow the same process with her work, but interestingly this time, the poem suggested a piano piece that was not a setting of the poem but inspired by it. This gave us an interesting opportunity in presenting the work: we decided as Sarah is a professional storyteller, for her to recite the poem then for me to give a performance of the piano composition it inspired. I felt this particular way of working allowed for the audience to experience a 'contemplation' on the poem at a deeper level, rather than just a 'performance'. We gave the premiere on August 23rd 2009 in Milton Keynes, England, and I first performed it as a solo in America in October 2009. Patricia Siffert has recorded it on the album
“MIrrors of Light” and performed it in concert at Gloucester Cathedral, England.

Sunday January 8 2017

Marvin Rosen performing “Release”  as part of a concert entitled ‘Contemporary Piano Miniatures by Women Composers

Bristol Chapel campus of Westminster Choir College of Rider University in Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

Available to DOWNLOAD from iTunes $0.99

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