for viola & piano
by Rosemary Duxbury

‘Reverie' is an 8 minute piece for viola and piano. It was premiered by Elizabeth Bell && Patricia Saunders at Burgh House, Hampstead, London.
Elizabeth also recorded it for ‘Thread of Gold’, a collaboration of the music of Rosemary Duxbury and poetry of Jay Ramsay.

Catherine Musker (viola player for the Michael Nyman band) plays ‘Reverie’ on the CD “On Wings of Light” (Charasound).

This music will suit Grade 7 - 8 players and appeal to the professional player looking for contemporary, melodic uplifting repertoire for the viola. The piece is thoughtful, relaxing yet can take one on a soaring journey. A contemplation into inner worlds.

I received the piece and tried it out today...and was moved to tears by its beauty. It will become a seed for contemplation that I can use over and over again.
C.L. Viola player, New York.


Sheet music available to buy. price £10 (+ p&p)


The sheet music is published by Charasound,

Reverie is on the CD “On Wings of Light” -  CD available to buy for £12 via paypal

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