Songs of the Mysterious
for mezzo soprano, flute, harp (or piano) & gong (tam-tam or Tibetan singing bowl) 
by Rosemary Duxbury 

Recorded on the album “Thread of Gold”

"Speak of what you know
Speak of what you know well
Speak of what you have touched, tasted and smelt..."
Jay Ramsay -

Songs of the Mysterious is a setting of 2 poems by Jay Ramsay published in ‘Transmissions’ (Stride 1989). The songs can be performed with either harp or piano along with flute and optional gong (tam-tam). The songs were premiered by Julie Moffat (soprano), Emily Barter (harp), David Calow (flute) and Tim Neal (gong), at Leicester Cathedral, England in 1991.  The piano version was premiered by Julie Moffat with Marlene Fleet (piano), and Alison Wright (flute), at the University of Leicester in 1991. They also recorded it for the album "Thread of Gold". 
Left: Jenny Saunders (soprano), Clare-Louise Appelby (flute), Julian Hellaby piano and Robert Ramskill (tam-tam) gave a performance of “Songs of the Mysterious” as part of “Romance, Legend & Song” a concert given by the Central Composers’ Alliance on Saturday 28th February, 2009 at Coventry University, England.

American premiere given by soprano Shaunna Shandro along with Shana Norton (harp) and  Adrienne Inglis (flute) on Sunday 4th May 2014 in Austin, Texas.

Left: Sara Burnie (soprano), Sarah Bird (flute),  Owain Clarke (Celtic harp) and Veronica Austin (tam-tam).
Performance on October 9th 2016, at the Alton Maltings, Hampshire, UK.

Katerina MIna (soprano) Chris Lacey (Flute) and Rosemary Duxbury (piano) perform at the 4th International Composers Festival 2018. De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex, UK

Recorded on the album Thread of Gold performed by Julie Moffat (soprano), David Calow (flute), Emily Barter (harp)
LISTEN on Soundcloud   Katerina Mina (soprano), Chris Lacey (flute), Rosemary Duxbury (piano)

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