“Streams …. Absolutely lovely. Your music brings me a deep inner peace.”
C.A. Actress, and spiritual workshop leader. Florida, USA

“(like) Bach, Rosemary, remind(s) us that creative energy is divine in nature and origin. ‘Streams’ contained three movements that combined to make a fourth. The music is impressionistic, suggesting a soul more at peace in ecstatic wonder than in ultimate resolution.”

“hymns to the light”
Stephen Gamble, music critic, Leicester Mercury, reviewing launch concert

“I just wanted to say how much I've been enjoying your CD, 'Streams'. As ever with your music, there is something very cleansing about it and to listen to it is to go on a spiritual journey. It never fails to carry me to another world. Many thanks for all the pleasure it gives me."
J.P. journalist and author

“Your pieces brought to mind journeys, traveling, experiencing, in relationships, to places, along rivers, life events. Also the many layers of experience (always changing, moving, interacting, giving and receiving) of mind, body, emotions, heart and soul.”
Dr K.P. Leicester, England.

“Delightful flowing qualities” Peter Collett, Leicester Mercury

“There is a considerable contrast between these four pieces but there also appears to be an internal unity. Perhaps that is what leads to the sense of stasis and beauty to which so many of her reviewers allude”

John France, musicologist

Photographer Annette Horn

set photographic images to “Streams III” to make her lastest photographic film,

The film was premiered at the Meistersingerhalle, Nuremberg, Germany in August 2010.

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Streams I - IV

for piano solo
by Rosemary Duxbury

“Streams” is a collection of 4 piano pieces composed by Rosemary Duxbury.

Swiss pianist, Patricia Siffert premiered them at the Fraser Noble Hall, University of Leicester, England in 2006.  Patricia has also recorded it on the album “Streams” (Charasound).

Talking about her work, Rosemary says,“As a composer my initial source of inspiration is from within, a place where I feel the life-force, which can be experienced as streams of light and sound, can be accessed. Hence the title  ‘Streams’. If the music inspires or uplifts the listener, and can enable them to discover that place or source within themselves, then I am delighted and feel the music has been successful.”

LISTEN to extracts:

Streams I

Streams II

Streams III

Streams IV

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The sheet music can be made available for performing pianists.

The recording on CD is available to buy for £12.99 (inc. p&p) or from CD baby for $15.99

For more information please email music@rosemaryduxbury.com

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Streams I - IV for piano solo

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extract from Streams III ©rosemaryduxbury

extract from Streams IV ©rosemaryduxbury