Jane Pearson, University of Leicester Press, reports on Rosemary Duxbury's inspirations and background to her music:

Talking about her latest work,Rosemary says,“As a composer my initial source of inspiration is from within, a place where I feel the life-force, which can be experienced as streams of light and sound, can be accessed. Hence the CD title  ‘Streams’. If the music inspires or uplifts the listener, and can enable them to discover that place or source within themselves, then I am delighted and feel the music has been successful. One of the loveliest things that I hear quite regularly from people who have heard my music is that they went on a journey through the music. People experience being 'transported' out of the concert hall, often getting visual experiences. I am interested in dreams, in soul and its nature, and it may be that the music helps people to access that different state where they are able to experience freedom and gain insights away from physical constraints.

The title of “Passage (one of the piano solos), is almost a play on words, exploring the ideas of transformation, journey, the passage of time or a tunnel or channel as well as simply a piece of music. Similarly, “Streams” (4 movements), stems from the inspiration of currents of water, from a small source to a powerful waterfall, a steady flow of energy and streams of light and consciousness. This, too, she describes as a journey, “within the Eternal’, reflected by melody, set against mantras of one note or group of notes, or the hum of the harmonic.” The CD also includes two other piano solos, ‘Always’ and ‘Apres’, and ‘Light Falling’ for string orchestra and harp played by the Italian orchestra Sinfonica Aosta.

Rosemary Duxbury’s music has a strong following and her new CD “Streams” has been long awaited by people who know her first CD, “On Wings of Light”. Both CDs have a strong Leicester link, having been recorded in the Fraser Noble Hall. Jane Pearson

Stephen Gamble, the music critic for the Leicester Mercury, reviewed the launch concert of "Streams". He wrote: "Rosemary's music has that combination of artistic integrity and accessibility to a wide audience that eludes most contemporary composers.

In the piece entitled Passage, repeating melodic patterns passed through harmonic waves suggesting a tension between that which alters through time and that which stays the same. The deep bass reminded me of Arvo Part, while the melodic patterning reminded me of Bach. Both composers, like Rosemary, remind us that creative energy is divine in nature and origin. The next premiere was in part concerned with that origin. Streams contained three movements that combined to make a fourth. The music is impressionistic, suggesting a soul more at peace in ecstatic wonder than in ultimate resolution. This prophetess is fortunate to have found a priestess so sympathetic to her hymns to the light. Siffert's performance was eloquent as ever" Stephen Gamble

“Streams” Piano solo: Patricia Siffert (left of photo)
Orchestra: Sinfonica Aosta (Conductor: Emmanuel Siffert)

Pianist Patricia Siffert (above left) regularly performs Rosemary's music in concert. The CD 'Streams' was launched in 2006 at the University of Leicester's Fraser Noble Hall, with a recital given by Patricia,the featured pianist on the CD. The music critic wrote:"This prophetess is fortunate to have found a priestess so sympathetic to her hymns of the light"

Patricia Siffert was born in Fribourg, Switzerland. She was a prizewinner of several competitions in her country and received the ‘Swiss Musician Association’ prize to study with Victor Rosenbaum in Boston, USA. After further studies in piano accompaniment and chamber music at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama she participated in master classes given by Martin Isepp and Graham Johnson at the Britten-Pears School in Aldeburgh, and at the Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada. Peter Feuchtwanger and Martin Jones have had a great influence in deepening her own approach to the piano. During her four-year stay in England, in addition to concert performances, she was accompanist of the London Royal Ballet. She was also finalist of the 1992 ISM ‘Accompanist of the Year’ competition.
She performs as soloist and chamber musician at home and abroad, with concerts given in North America and Europe. She took part in a Piano Duo Festival in Israel, with a performance of Bach double concerto in C major with the Israel Chamber Orchestra conducted by Noam Sherif and has played for the Swiss Radio. She is currently teaching piano studies at the Institut Jaques-Dalcroze in Geneva.

On “Streams” Patricia performs
Passage a sonata in 3 continuous movements, Apres and Always, two short piano solos and the title tracks Streams I - IV

Orchestra Sinfonica Aosta (Orchestra Sinfonica della Valle d'Aosta - Italy) perform "Light Falling" (the opening track). Leader/solo violin: Stefano Variagnelli; solo violin: Andrea Bettarini; solo viola: Christina Porebska; solo cello: Guiseppe di Stefano harp: Sarah Berzano.

They are conducted by Swiss conductor, Emmanuel Siffert who is currently Principal Conductor at the San Juan Symphony Orchestra in Argentina., and has been the Principal Conductor of the European Chamber Opera – London and Artistic Director and Conductor of the project Swiss Symphonic-and Opera composers.
Patricia was recorded on a Steinway model D by Alan Hames  at the Fraser Noble Hall, University of Leicester in England, and Sinfonica Aosta were recorded by Renato Campajola and Mario Bertolo in Italy.

concert guests

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