THREAD OF GOLD (CD)                            

Poetry of Jay Ramsay

Music of Rosemary Duxbury   

This unique and innovative collaboration brings together the talents of a recognised composer and poet, blending contemporary classical music with a poetry of heightened awareness and vision.

Featuring rare recordings of Jay reading his own poetry, alongside Rosemary’s music performed by herself and internationally recognised musicians.

Rosemary Duxbury has the gift of melody

Caduceus Magazine

Jay Ramsay... an influential presence on the alternative poetry scene…

an ambassador for transformative spiritual, political and psychological awareness.

The Guardian, 2019

This 2019 re-release is in memory of Jay Ramsay (1958- 2018)


Comprising readings of
I Saw A Great Light Over London; Given; Mozart; two of The Paradiso Drafts.

With settings of  'I, John'

and ‘Adam’s Song’ for alto & piano

- sung by Chloe Goodchild;

Songs of the Mysterious’ 

for soprano, flute, harp & gong

- sung by Julie Moffat;

and ‘The Sun’ for piano & spoken voice.

And two instrumental works: ‘Reverie' (viola & piano),

‘Atma's Flight’ (cello & piano)

I give you the end of a golden string

Only wind it into a ball

It will lead you in at Heaven's Gate

Built in Jerusalem's wall

William Blake

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