Without Words, Without Silence

for piano solo

by Rosemary Duxbury

Without Words, Without Silence opens the silence of eternity and touches the soul with sound”

Stephen Gamble, music critic.

“There are many occasions when we may experience a communication happening on another level, where we can discover that which is beyond words, beyond even the silence, and we are touched by a deeper language - that of the heart - where we can find our own truth. The intention of this piece is to invite the listener to enter into a still place within, where one’s own unique understanding may be realised, in a place ‘without words, without silence’. Without words, without silence’ is an 8 minute piano solo composed in 2008 in memory of the composer’s father. The title is from a zen koan, chosen after the music was composed.”

The premiere took place in Quorn, Leicestershire, England, with a London premiere at Burgh House, Hampstead, and more recently was performed at Leicester’s Fraser Noble Hall and in Gloucester Cathedral.


Rosemary Duxbury’s  “Without Words, Without Silence” was premiered by Patricia Siffert in concert in Leicestershire and in London in November 2008, alongside Mendelssohn’s Songs without Words, Chopin’s Ballade no.4, Chopin’s Raindrop Prelude, and Schubert Impromptus. Patricia also featured Rosemary’s “On Wings of Light” to celebrate the launch of the sheet music newly published. The concerts took place at Rawlins Hall, Quorn (promoted by Centre Arts for Quorn) and in Burgh House, Hampstead (presented by Charasound).
The radio broadcast premiere was given on Classical Discoveries, ‘Viva 21st Century‘ 103.3FM Princeton NJ  www.wprb.com on December 26th 2015.

Without Words, Without Silence is one of those too rare moments when truth and beauty unite in artistic expression. In our increasingly mechanical world, people need music of the heart to breathe spiritually. Without Words, Without Silence opens the silence of eternity and touches the soul with sound”

Stephen Gamble, music critic.

“Centre Arts for Quorn presented Swiss concert pianist Patricia Siffert, who gave a performance of lyrical sensitive music, beautifully played with feeling and integrity... Without Words, Without Silence.. this was the world premiere of a beautiful, perhaps slightly abstract piece which had a gentle intensity conveying unspoken communication. Streams III and II and On Wings of Light, also by Rosemary Duxbury, all had delightful flowing qualities”
Peter Collett, Leicester Mercury

“A calm contemplation descended over Rawlins Community College Hall... Without Words, Without Silence seemed closest to the tintinnabulation of Arvo Part, but behind all her work is a tradition going back through Debussy to the romantics.”
Tony Foord, Loughborough Echo

Without Words, Without Silence is recorded by Patricia Siffert on the album “Mirrors of Light” (Charasound 2012)

It also features on this video made for Youtube:


8 November 2018. 13.15

St Pancras Church, Euston Road, London. NW1 2BA (almost opposite Euston Station).

Julian Hellaby, piano

10th November 2018 13.00

Holy Trinity Church, Coventry

Julian Hellaby, piano


for more information or to obtain a score please email music@rosemaryduxbury.com


From the album: MIRRORS OF LIGHT
British piano music for the 21st century

Spiritual, minimalist piano music combined with a romantic, impressionistic heritage - this is piano music for the 21st century, described by audiences as pure, beautiful, profound and 'an elixir for the soul'.

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