Streams CS2RD01

featuring music for piano solo, string orchestra and harp

Piano solo: Patricia Siffert
Orchestra: Sinfonica Aosta  (Conductor: Emmanuel Siffert)

Light Falling
(string orchestra & harp)
Passage 1st movement (piano)
Passage 2nd movement (piano)
Passage 3rd movement (piano)
Apres (piano)
Streams I (piano)
Streams II (piano)
Streams III (piano)
Streams IV (piano)
Always (piano)

Extracts of choral music
to listen to:


On Wings of Light CS1RD02
featuring music for piano, viola, cello and oboe

Patricia Siffert (piano) as soloist, and accompanist to Catherine Musker (viola), Tony Hinnigan (cello) - both members of the Michael Nyman band - and Rosemary Curtis (oboe). Read more.....

In the Presence (piano)
Reverie (viola and piano)
Atma's Flight (cello and piano)
Awakenings (piano)
On Wings of Light (piano)
Entrance (piano)
In The Master's Love (piano)

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Mirrors of Light CS3RD03 
music for piano solo performed by Patricia Siffert


A thread so fine

Without words, without silence


Mirrors of light 1 1st movement

Mirrors of light 1 2nd movement

Mirrors of light 1 3rd movement

Mirrors of light 2



Prayer (youtube video of rehearsal)


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