British composer Rosemary Duxbury writes music in the classical style ‘to touch the heart and inspire the soul’.
Her music is available on mp3, on cd, in sheet music form and performed in the concert repertoire, for film and with multi-media.


Latest music on CD and mp3 MIRRORS OF LIGHT New British piano music for the 21st century

Spiritual, minimalist piano music combined with a romantic, impressionistic heritage - this is piano music for the 21st century, described by audiences as pure, beautiful, profound and 'an elixir for the soul'.

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Poet Jay Ramsay reviews “Mirrors of Light” in Caduceus
(one of the UK’s leading Healing & Spirituality magazines).

“I always tell people that Rosemary Duxbury is the real thing. She’s a rare phenomenon: a modern, female, classically trained composer whose work is in the tradition of Elgar and Benjamin Britten, and who is also inspired by Stockhausen, Keith Jarrett and the possibilities of computer technology. She’s also deeply inspired by poetry, which first brought us together to record an album, Thread of Gold, back in 1992. I recognized her as an ‘artist-healer’ immediately, and it is entirely appropriate in every way that her work is featured in this magazine.

Mirrors of Light, which follows Streams, is her third album, and it also features her amazing Swiss pianist Patricia Siffert whom Rosemary has also been inspired to compose for. Indeed, you need someone of Patricia’s ability and trained skill to cope with the extraordinary cascade of notes that Rosemary creates, as well as the rapid changes in tempo and mood that mark her emotional range.

Her music is deeply feeling (and feminine in that sense), and for everyone I know who has taken the time to listen to it, deeply healing as well. For me it is also strongly visual (like Jarrett’s), and often the equivalent—for example with ‘Reverie’ on Wings of Light—suggests a spontaneous visualization, a shamanic journey even. Streams continues that impulse, its title a metaphor for the fluidity of feeling which we find when our vibrational level is raised, and Mirrors of Light refines that impulse further into a studied precision within the world of Sound and Light that her music is drawn from and aspires towards.

As she says in her album notes: ‘By experiencing a communication happening on another level, we can discover that which is beyond words, beyond even the silence, where we are touched by a deeper language—that of the heart’. That is an extraordinary and (for me) very contemporary statement coming out of her own spiritual practice that lies behind her compositions and informs her being when you meet her and her wonderful doctor-husband Mike, who has very much been part of her solid ground. Rosemary also teaches music (in Leicester where she lives), and helps others in that way.

Her music has certainly been recognized by contemporaries,at the same time her own work really is ‘something else’, and transcendent as anything of true quality always is. Her music is both of its time, and ahead of its time: it is a bringing of spirit to matter in the medium of sound which touches the highest levels of lightness and grace, which is also why she works melodically and with harmony. The atonal days of the early 20th C, prophetic as they were, seem far away: her music is prophetic of a new time of synthesis and healing within the universal language that music is and needs to be on our troubled planet. ” JAY RAMSAY

Jay Ramsay is poetry editor for Caduceus, and works in private practice as a UKCP-accredited psychosynthesis psychotherapist in Stroud and London. His new collection Monuments is forthcoming from Waterloo Press (Spring 2014).

Published Autumn 2013.