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People often ask me about my composing process, and if I write every day. And the answer is not at all! Of course, I know successful composers and writers who set a timetable to write every morning, but my way of working is quite different. For me, composing is a by-product of life, and a  result of exploring consciousness, which is a process happening on many levels. Understandings come through relationships, living, tests, listening and observing, absorbing and learning ideas. The more I keep my heart open to what life is teaching me, the more I can tune into realizations which then further inform me or find expression through musical composition. 

I find that the musical structure 'reveals' itself to me, rather than I plan it. As if structure is inherent in the consciousness of the ideas, and I am shining a light on it by engaging with the compositional process. Instead of consciously 'thinking' I want to express this 'point of view' in such and such a way, the musical language seems to have its own intelligence and the melodies and rhythms that present themselves to me seem to ‘inform me’ so that I perceive viewpoints which make a ‘whole’ .In this way, the compositions are like contemplations or ready made musical ‘holograms’ for me.

Coming back to not writing every day, I am reminded how in the English springtime I am always delighted and amazed to see so much color and expression flourish in fields and gardens that throughout the winter were apparently bare and empty. Much goes on beneath the surface with us all, connections being made, nourishment and rest taking place, so that ultimately we have more to say from being refreshed and starting anew.

My experience has taught me that when the creative process has been prepared inwardly, and the ‘inner cogs’ are all in place, then the music can come through as if “On Wings of Light”.

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