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A thread so fine...

I've been writing more piano compositions recently, one of which is a short piano piece called "A thread so fine...."

The title touches on a feeling I have with all of my compositions.

I feel that music exists in a place before it is heard or manifest outwardly. Therefore, I aim to tune into an inner place to listen or perceive sounds, feelings or understandings that I wish to bring through. A listening to the 'still small voice within'.

"I give you the end of a  golden string,
Only wind it into a ball,
It will lead in at Heaven’s gate,
Built in Jerusalem’s wall.

--William Blake, Jerusalem.

I often improvise (on the piano) as a way of allowing the sounds and melodies to come through. When something is there, it is like discovering a fine thread to bring through into the physical world. It is a joy to watch as a form starts to give this essence shape. Something that is felt or perceived inwardly, can now take on structure, and expression starts to manifest.

I believe music gives us a bridge between this outer world and an inner understanding and perception that lies beyond. And it is a wonderful way to develop a dialogue with these two states of being and knowing.

I especially love the way the French composer Debussy conveys the 'bringing' through of a thread of sound from an inner place. In Clair de lune (no.3 from the Suite Bergamasque), I feel the first notes are a manifestation of sound already 'falling' to earth, in that the melody is connected to a sound in that 'silent place' before the first bar is played.  The piece starts with an inversion of the home key rather than the root chord, and to my ears, the opening 8 bars give the impression of the music just 'arriving' audibly having traveled from a distant place. As if we just didn't have ears to hear the sound before because they were coming from on  high. The composition continues  ‘incarnating down' and then finally 'settles in' at the home key of Db major several bars later at bar 9.

This is a particular effect that I am really fascinated by. For example, I think it is apparent in my piano piece, “Entrance”.

At the end of my pieces, I like to take the music back into the transcendent realm, but also to allow the sounds and effect of the composition to linger a while longer, so we have time to feel and appreciate the vibration and presence of what has just been played and ‘brought through’.

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