What’s in a name?

Titles of music present themselves to me as I compose, in the same way that the notes suggest themselves. The titles inform me more of what is at the heart of the piece, and give me a point of contemplation and focus as I work with bringing the composition through. Sometimes I don’t even formulate the title until the end of the work, and I’m working with the threads of feeling and imagery, until a word or sentence seems to encapsulate the whole. I find it a fascinating process!

This is the story behind my most recent piano music, “Mirrors of Light”...

I knew I had opened up to greater explorations of my own consciousness in the last couple of years. It’s an ongoing expansion, but this time it felt like I was traveling into ‘space’ showing me new areas waiting to be explored. 

Following this, the music started to come through in the form of a piano piece. As is usual with my work, I have a particular sense of light informing the structure. This time the journey felt like space travel, and I could sense mirrors involved as if light was being projected further so that I could see something beyond. At the same time, there was a sense of water and lakes (again a common theme in my music), but I realised too that bodies of water are also mirrors of light... and voila! the title was ‘revealed’!


“Passage” is another piano sonata of mine. The title came through in a similar way. The title is a play on words and explores the ideas of transformation, journey, the passage of time or a tunnel or channel as well as being simply a piece of music. All these ideas and feelings were with me as I wrote the piece but it  hadn’t dawned on me that one word encapsulated the ‘whole’ concept until much later.

“Entrance” (Piano Solo) was written with a sense of sound coming from on high making its entrance through portals but also arriving at a place later in the composition, to an actual point of ‘ Entrance’. Also,throughout I experienced great happiness in writing the music and there was a feeling of the music was to ‘entrance’ or bring joy and upliftment.   LISTEN | READ MORE

“Streams” (a series of piano pieces).
The Oxford English dictionary definition of the noun ‘Streams’ is:
1. A continuous flow 2. A current of water and 3. A steady flow of rays of energy.
I am fascinated by water movements, the rhythms and patterns, and also interested in the streams and flows created by light and sound. The title of this music reflects the synergy of my love of these physical forces in nature, but more importantly also  my interest in connecting to streams of consciousness flowing through me as I write, which I experience as flows of light and sound inwardly, and from where I feel the music originates from.

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What’s in a name? Giving pieces of music their titles

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“How can I describe, what your music is for us. Your music makes someone indeed feel deeply. It is somehow like the view at the stars in a clear silent night, like the moon which is rising slowly up into the sky - simply wonderful.

Dagmar & Suzanne - Germany

As ever with your music, there is something very cleansing about it and to listen to it is to go on a spiritual journey. It never fails to carry me to another world. Many thanks for all the pleasure it gives me."
J.P. journalist and writer

“Your pieces brought to mind journeys, traveling, experiencing, in relationships, to places, along rivers, life events. Also the many layers of experience (always changing, moving, interacting, giving and receiving) of mind, body, emotions, heart and soul.”
Dr K.P. Leicester, England.

“Your music brings me a deep inner peace.
C.A.  Actress and spiritual workshop leader.Florida, USA