The music combined an ethereal quality with enormous breadth, so that the effect was of a potent lightness, calling to my mind at least a sense of mystic journey and resolution.
Jane Pearson writing for 'Women in Music Now'

Thank you for letting me hear your beautiful and pure piano prelude
(re: piano prelude no.3
Entrance) Jonathan Harvey, composer

Your music Rosemary is so, so beautiful. Tears come to my eyes every time I hear "Light Falling”.

Marvin Rosen, concert pianist and broadcaster

The music is both of its time and ahead of it: it is a bringing of spirit to matter in the medium of sound that touches the highest levels of lightness and grace.

Jay Ramsay, CADUCEUS Magazine.

Rosemary’s music spoke to me absolutely immediately and I love her harmonic language, confident use of space and time and the wonderful partnership of harp and voice! Eleanor Turner, Head of Harp Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

I particularly loved your composition which was utterly transcendental and deeply moving.

Jenny Baird, artist

Beautiful, thoughtful, contemplative. Lovely, inventive piano textures.
Michael Graubart, Conductor, composer, retired Senior Lecturer Royal Northern College of Music

One admires Rosemary’s integrity and the sustained quality of her work which combines subtle techniques and developing her special brand of minimalism within a profound spiritual context. The effect of her music is both powerful and accessible, attracting interest from the music lover to the musically trained listener, performer or composer.
Anthony Pither, composer and ex-Director of Music, University of Leicester

It was lovely to hear your beautiful poignant works in the concert, and I look forward to hearing more of them in the future. Prof. Andrew Downes, composer

I  listen to your music over and over, specially when I'm painting...its amazing and your music takes me  into beautiful places.. (I’m a fan!) Raoof Haghigi, artist & musician

Your music is just incredible, so full of light”
Bhawani Moennsad, international mezzo soprano and soloist

I am a fan of yours and listen to your music often
Stewart Hardy, Internationally acclaimed fiddler and composer

Your music takes one to the divine within. Thanks for being on the planet, Rosemary.

 Jack Angelo (author Your Healing Power,Self-Healing Handbook)

I get very clear visual images from (this music)...light, water,’s got the purity, lightness, transparency, fragility of a Cezanne water colour. Richard Light, Artist

Beautiful pieces sensitively played....We may be in the post-modern era, which can throw up almost any style, but labels would not have concerned the large audience hearing Rosemary Duxbury's Two Pieces for the Dawn, given by the Helix Ensemble.  I can well believe Aurora came to her in a dream: it is music truly heard. With its companion Light Falling one could imagine it on a CD of popular English music, perhaps alongside the Delius that opened the evening.  If Aurora reminded me of both Copland and Pachelbel’s Canon, and Light Falling lingered a little too long, it hardly mattered. Beautiful and touching both, they were most sensitively played under Jonathan Grieves-Smith's direction.  Tony Foord, Loughborough Echo

The CDs are just BEAUTIFUL! they have influenced me greatly all week in piano playing in music therapy scenarios.  J.G., Music therapist

I received the piece (“Reverie”) and tried it out today...and was moved to tears by its beauty. It will become a seed for contemplation that I can use over and over again.
C.L. New York.

Les mélodies cristallines et pures au titre évocateur – « Streams » (The melodies pure and crystalline as evocative - "Streams" )Review about the music used for the audio visual film ‘Au fil de l’eau’

Rosemary's music has that combination of artistic integrity and accessibility to a wide audience that eludes most contemporary composers.
Stephen Gamble, music critic, Leicester Mercury

Rosemary Duxbury is now well established as a gifted, imaginative musician,  whose compositions are proving very popular with audiences.

Her fluent and approachable style has struck a chord with listeners... her skill is to transfer imagination into sound, as the titles of her pieces suggest. Neil Crutchley, music critic, Leicester Mercury

We were profoundly impressed by your composition and Patricia's performance.. Awakenings creates for the listener that wonderful 'suspension of time', the experience of which brings both delight and refreshment to the spirit.
Morag Hunter-Carsch and Dr Henry Carsch

How can I describe, what your music is for us. Your music makes someone indeed feel deeply. It is somehow like the view at the stars in a clear silent night, like the moon which is rising slowly up into the sky - simply wonderful. Dagmar & Suzanne - Germany

Some quiet and some powerful moments.. interesting colourful compositions with space and heart Daniel Perret, 'Kindred Spirit 'Magazine

In my work as a Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist, I find Rosemary Duxbury's warm and heart opening music ideal for inspiring visualization.
Chrisy Edge. Yoga teacher, therapist and workshop leader

I think your music is beautiful and even my 3 year old son likes it. Alison Ueck, Surbiton

It was marvelous hearing your music - it washed our cells clean
Gabriel Bradford Millar, writer and poet

You embrace us all with the miraculous music of your soul Marion Fawlk, poet and artist 

PREMIERE of ‘Without Words, Without Silence’....

this was the world premiere of a beautiful, perhaps slightly abstract piece which had a gentle intensity conveying unspoken communication. Streams III and II and On Wings of Light also by Rosemary Duxbury, all had delightful flowing qualities” Peter Collett, Leicester Mercury

A calm contemplation descended over Rawlins Community College Hall... Without Words, Without Silence seemed closest to the tintinnabulation of Arvo Part, but behind all her work is a tradition going back through Debussy to the romantics. Tony Foord, Loughborough Echo

Without Words, Without Silence is one of those too rare moments when truth and beauty unite in artistic expression. In our increasingly mechanical world, people need music of the heart to breathe spiritually. Without Words, Without Silence opens the silence of eternity and touches the soul with sound.

Stephen Gamble, music critic.


Rosemary Duxbury’s lovely setting for the choir shone out….. (we) have premiered many new choral works but hardly one has had the impact on the choir or our audiences as ‘Angel Whisper’…David Fisher, Choral Director, Kingfisher Chorale

Thank you again for the opportunity to sing your wonderful composition...which must be a firm favourite in our repertoire now. Choir member, Kingfisher Chorale

Your musical composition is so beautiful and unearthly. The Midlands choir lifted it to the heavens for us all. It was delightful to hear one of Jay's (Jay Ramsay) poems set to music and it's total transformation beyond spoken language. Lara Fiedler, dancer, Glos. UK

Award winning choir The Kingfisher Chorale celebrated the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture, with an evening of beautiful chorale music. The concert to raise money for the charity was staged in Braunston church. We had two of the composers present and a very appreciative audience. It’s of particular note that Rosemary Duxbury when introducing her piece 'Angel Whisper' explained the poem that she had set to music and the introduction of the ancient international name for God " Hu" which is sung sonorously under the melody. She herself said she felt the piece was extremely apposite to be premiered in a concert devoted to finding Hope out of Darkness. She is a remarkable young composer and we were thrilled and honoured to be able to perform her piece at such an appropriate event. Concert organiser, Choral concert in aid of The Medical foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture. "Hope out of Darkness."

On the performance of “Angel Whisper” sung by Kingfisher Chorale at the Fraser Noble Hall, November 2009:

The performance of Angel Whisper, the lyrics taken from an improvised poem by Jay Ramsay and set to music by Rosemary Duxbury was magical, the layering of the words and voices  gave me goose bumps and made the hair on the back of my neck tingle,  this lady has such talent as a composer.
Sue Gould. Leicester

Rosemary Duxbury’s evocative, seamless Angel whisper, in which her original use of layered words and haunting, sustained harmonies made a serene but telling impression. Leicester Mercury


 Re: 'Dream Horse' (SATB & piano): "…. again thanks for letting us present this vivid and evocative piece." "it's a fine piece and fun to sing."
David Cameron, Choral Director, The Melos Choral Ensemble, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Mirrors of Light CD

Mirrors of Light is an elixir for the soul.  The musical texture and form have such fluidity,filling one's being it seems with liquid light.  This is an astonishing composition by composer Rosemary Duxbury.  It is a profound work.  Played beautifully by Swiss pianist Patricia Siffert whose sensitivity with musical intervals brought to the performance a delicacy and power which perfectly reflected the vision of the composer.

Marion Fawlk, poet & photographer

For me this latest CD breaks new ground. It feels like you are clothing in sound, levels of consciousness, light radiances beyond what I know. And I feel there’s far more depth of feeling in these new pieces. They move me profoundly. Thank you.

Lucy Lidell

When listening to it I find it becomes a portal to the inner. What joy and peace it will bring to others.

Bruce Fuller, Actor, New York

Myriads of notes like diamonds coming forth from the piano

Stella Tinley

I love the profoundly optimistic charge that runs through your music, one feels better for having listened to it.
E.M.,Artist & Open University Lecturer

Music for the soul’s inner journey home

Andy West

Streams CD

Two world premieres and one UK premiere. Not bad for a single night in Leicester. The composer of this new music was Leicester's own Rosemary Duxbury, and the pianist was Patricia Siffert. Rosemary's music has that combination of artistic integrity and accessibility to a wide audience that eludes most contemporary composers. In the piece entitled Passage, repeating melodic patterns passed through harmonic waves suggesting a tension between that which alters through time and that which stays the same. The deep bass reminded me of Arvo Part, while the melodic patterning reminded me of Bach. Both composers, like Rosemary, who remind us that creative energy is divine in nature and origin.

The next premiere was in part concerned with that origin. Streams contained three movements that combined to make a fourth. The music is impressionistic, suggesting a soul more at peace in ecstatic wonder than in ultimate resolution.

This prophetess is fortunate to have found a priestess so sympathetic to her hymns to the light. Siffert's performance was eloquent as ever.
Stephen Gamble, music critic, Leicester Mercury, reviewing launch concert

I just wanted to say how much I've been enjoying your CD, 'Streams'. As ever with your music, there is something very cleansing about it and to listen to it is to go on a spiritual journey. It never fails to carry me to another world. Many thanks for all the pleasure it gives me." J.P. journalist and writer

Your pieces brought to mind journeys, traveling, experiencing, in relationships, to places, along rivers, life events. Also the many layers of experience (always changing, moving, interacting, giving and receiving) of mind, body, emotions, heart and soul. Dr K.P. Leicester, England.

Streams …. Absolutely lovely. Your music brings me a deep inner peace. C.A. Florida, USA

Your new album is stunning. G.C., Kent, England

Thanks so much for your lovely CD. It is magnificent! I was particularly impressed with the first track with the strings. Beautiful! A.S., Tennessee, USA

I just wanted to write and tell you how beautiful and exquisite your music is - it's really moving.
A.H., Nuremberg, Germany

'Always': What an incredibly moving piece, it's beautiful. I can't recall a time I felt that way towards a piece of music. P.D-J, Suffolk, UK

On Wings of Light
The dreamlike quality of the music combines elements of Satie with an intricacy of playing more reminiscent of the recent work of Michael Nyman. In fact both string players, cellist Tony Hinnigan and viola player Catherine Musker do play in the Michael Nyman band...."On Wings of Light" gives each of the solo instruments their own piece with the piano, allowing for the appreciation of their particular sound qualities. The viola, cello and oboe each conjure up a particular combination of emotions in the listener. The haunting cello in "Atma's Flight" is a particular delight, the resonance of that instrument seeming to reflect the very essence of spirituality. A deliciously peaceful album. Sally Peterson of Classic FM reviewing "On Wings of Light" in Positive News

Rosemary Duxbury is an extremely talented composer..... an outstanding example of classical music at its finest. YOGA Magazine

Beautifully crafted debut CD. This was a delight to review; the clarity and sound of the instruments made it essential listening. Michael Madden, in 'Kindred Spirit ' magazine

Rosemary Duxbury has the gift of melody and this album of her compositions is lucid and well-crafted. There is a richness of expression here and a clear sense of musical and emotional structure....The musical language and gestures are redolent of Ravel in their playfulness and their flowing. In fact these pieces would be perfect for dance improvisations (as much as for listening enjoyment) such is their breadth and movement.

Brian Lee, in Caduceus Magazine

Just wanted to let you know that a couple of evenings I have taken an early night, and laid back listening to your beautiful
music. You truly bring a gift to the world in your compositions.  I have travelled on the sound and one evening needed a boost in consciousness, put it on and "changed lanes " immediately.
A.S.,  San Diego, California

The music is both beautiful and thought provoking. John Owen, UK

I am just writing as I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your first CD.. and let you know personally how much pleasure your music has given me. I have listened to the CD countless times and it is a sure way to unwind at the end of a long day. L.F., London

CD arrived today in safe condition and we listen to it somewhat the fourth or fifth time. It is really beautiful! We adore it ! It is a wonderful CD!! We have fallen in love with the sound immediately.
D & S., Germany

Wonderful, beautiful music - you have a real gift. R.J., Lancashire, England

Five minutes before the performance began extra chairs were required such was the interest this concert attracted. It must have been gratifying for both Rosemary Duxbury and Patricia Siffert to find that so many people wanted to hear this recital which had as its final item the first British performance of Rosemary Duxbury's three preludes. These imaginative pieces entitled Awakenings, On Wings of Light, and Entrance were being played together for the first time. They bear a strong family resemblance with characteristically shifting harmonies and  hypnotic ostinatos. Debussy, Liszt and just occasionally Brahms were called to mind, yet there is an individual and appealing voice in this evocative music. Each prelude is a substantial work quite capable of standing alone. Patricia Siffert to whom the preludes are dedicated gave a sensitive and understanding performance.
Neil Crutchley, music critic, reviewing the 'On Wings of Light' launch concert for the Leicester Mercury

Canticle to the Sun - Orchestra and tenor voice
Many thanks for this extraordinary event - ‘Canticle to the Sun’ will go on resonating in me. What a gift you gave us all.
Naomi Brandel - artist