Rosemary Duxbury is a British composer writing music for concert and media (film, tv, documentary). She is equally at home writing music for a classical score or hybrid sound-design, for music that brings light and joy, or explores darker mysterious tones, perfect for drama and film noir. Her music is known for being evocative, mysterious, and dreamlike to awaken an inner vision.

Her concert music includes works for piano, voice, chamber groups, orchestra and choir and is regularly performed and broadcast internationally. She has produced three albums of music for the Charasound label working with Catherine Musker and Tony Hinnigan (Michael Nyman musicians), Swiss concert pianist Patricia Siffert, and conductor Emmanuel Siffert (Principal Conductor, San Juan Symphony Orchestra in Argentina).

Film music includes work for "Ashes" (Bradgate Films), which won best international feature film at the Garden State Film Festival in the USA and for "Eyes Wide Open" a spy thriller (dir. Will Forrester).

(the) music is both of its time and ahead of it: it is a bringing of spirit to matter
in the medium of sound that touches the highest levels of lightness and grace

Jay Ramsay, Caduceus magazine review


SHOWREEL Drama: Music/Sound Design