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SHEET MUSIC for “Prayer”
(short piano solo)



Sheet Music: "Always"
short piano solo

Sheet Music

“On Wings of Light" CS1RD02
music for piano, viola, cello and oboe.
Price £12 inc p&p

Patricia Siffert (piano) as soloist, and accompanist to Catherine Musker (viola), Tony Hinnigan (cello) - both members of the Michael Nyman band - and Rosemary Curtis (oboe)

A deliciously peaceful album
Sally Peterson of Classic FM/Positive News

Beautifully crafted debut CD. This was a delight to review; the clarity and sound of the instruments made it essential listening.
Michael Madden, in 'Kindred Spirit ' magazine

Rosemary Duxbury has the gift of melody and this album of her compositions is lucid and well-crafted. There is a richness of expression here and a clear sense of musical and emotional structure... Brian Lee, in Caduceus Magazine

"Streams" CS2RD01
latest CD featuring music for piano solo, string orchestra and harp

Price £12.99 inc p&p

Piano solo: Patricia Siffert
Orchestra: Sinfonica Aosta (Cond: Emmanuel Siffert)

Rosemary Duxbury's latest piano music and some of her orchestral music was launched with a recital given by pianist Patricia Siffert, the featured pianist on the CD. The music critic wrote:"This prophetess is fortunate to have found a priestess so sympathetic to her hymns of the light"

Sheet Music: "Awakenings"
piano solo . dur. 10 mins.

Price £12 (+ p&p)

“Awakenings creates for the listener that wonderful ‘suspension of time’, the experience of which brings both delight and refreshment to the spirit” Morag Hunter Carsch

Sheet Music: "Après"
short piano solo
Price £6 (+ p&p)

Sheet Music: "In the Presence"
short piano solo
UK price £6.50 / Outside UK £8.50 (+ £2.99 p&p)


Sheet Music: "In the Master's Love"
short piano solo Price £6 (+ p&p)


Sheet Music: "On Wings of Light"
piano solo. dur. 11 mins.


The Instrumental Music of Rosemary Duxbury


Piano Sheet Music by Rosemary Duxbury

Short Piano Solos

Piano Preludes - suitable for more advanced players:

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Instrumental Sheet Music by Rosemary Duxbury

Music for a While - A limited edition CD featuring music by British composers living in the Midlands, England.
Price £9.99 (inc p&p)

Music by Peter Crump, Andrew Downes, Rosemary Duxbury, David Fisher, Kenneth Gange, Kerry Milan, Robert Ramskill, Frank Stiles, Terence Thompson. Performed by pianist Julian Hellaby and friends.

Sheet Music: "Entrance"
piano solo
dur. 12 mins.

Price £12 (+ p&p)

Thank you for letting me hear your beautiful and pure piano prelude
(re: piano prelude no.3 Entrance) Jonathan Harvey, composer


Songs:  Sheet Music by Rosemary Duxbury

Sheet Music: "Delighting in Rainbows"
Score and parts
for soprano, piano, flute, cello
Price £20 (+ p&p)

  1. Sheet Music: "Reverie" for Viola & Piano (dur. 8mins.)

  2. Price £10 (+ p&p)

  3. This will suit Grade 7 - 8 players and also appeal to the professional player who is looking for  contemporary, melodic uplifting repertoire for the viola. The piece is thoughtful, relaxing yet can take one on a soaring journey. A contemplation into inner worlds.

  4. I received the piece and tried it out today...and was moved to tears by its beauty. It will become a seed for contemplation that I can use over and over again.
    C.L. New York.

Mirrors of Light" CS3RD03

British piano music for the 21st century: spiritual, minimalist, romantic, melodic, written to ‘touch the heart and inspire the soul’.

Price £12 (with special offer of free postage for limited period)

Patricia Siffert plays Rosemary Duxbury’s latest piano music. This new album features the piano sonata “Mirrors of light 1”, “Without words without silence” and  other new works.

The CD was recorded at the award winning Potton Hall Studio in Suffolk, England.

Sheet Music: "Atma’s Flight" for Cello & Piano

Price £15 (+ p&p)

Atma is another name for Soul, and this melodic music takes one on a ‘Soul Journey’ starting with energy and exuberance passing through quieter stages and transcendence to the higher soaring registers. This uplifting music will suit Grade 8 players and will also appeal to the professional looking for new contemporary melodic cello music that can take you on a contemplative journey to inner worlds. (14 mins)